Sunday, 27 November 2011

The end of Diet #34 (diet pills), and the ongoing search for diet #35

Whilst the diet pills didn't exactly make me lose weight, I didn't put back on the weight that I'd lost from the week before, so not a total failure. Weight hovers at a fairly steady 10st 1lb.

Although I was planning to try a diet a week, it's been tougher than I anticipated - finding time to read and understand each diet, buy the necessary ingredients and blog Every.Single.Week, whilst still managing to be a good mother, wife, employer, employee and friend has been more difficult that I thought. Who knew?

A year on, although I've lost the half stone I initially wanted to, I still want to lose another half stone - not even enough to drop a dress size, but just to tone up my stomach and tone down the muffin top.

The other major difficutly has been finding diets. I think that I've probably blogged about most of the main ones, and the rest are far too complicated to be either popular or easy (or both). Take, for example, the Hamptons Diet. The essential ingredient is Macadamia Nut Oil, which is very difficult to come by in Leytonstone (The most 'interesting' thing about Leytonstone is that it's the birthplace of Alfred Hitchcock and David Beckham - which only proves that it's a place you come from, not a place you go to!). The basic rule of the Hamptons Diet is to eat less than 30g carbs per day - which is probably fine if you're summering in the Hamptons - less fine if it's winter, and it's the east end, and your basic subsistance diet consists of baked potatoes, pasta and toast.

I also contemplated the Omega diet, so called due to the importance of Omega fatty acids in food and because the greek letter Omega also means 'conclusion' - referring to what will happen to your weight problems once you've been on this diet... Still with me? Died of boredom yet? I hope not, as you're going to need to concentrate to keep up. The Omega diet consists of 'just' 12 food units per day: Protein; Oil; Nut; Seed; C-Fruit; Fruit 2; Green unit; Flame unit; Pulse; Quality Carb; Calcium; Water. Really, who has the time? No wonder this never caught on.

In the meantime, following on from the feature in the Sun (if you missed it, you can see it here), Reveal have asked me to write about Slimming Clubs for the new year, and so this week, as well as following another diet (more to come about that shortly), I shall also be visiting Rosemary Conley, WeightWatchers (part 2, pro points) and Curves, as well as re-visiting Slimming World. You can read about how I get on in print!

This week's diet (#35) is the Soup Diet. Only two rules: Replacing my evening meal with a nutritious, homemade soup and no chocolate after dinner. Easy, right?

Still on the list to try:

36. Rosemary Conley
37. The Omega Diet
38. *New* Weightwatchers
39. The Hamptons Diet
40. Zotrim
41. Curves
42. Zoe Harcombe
43. Body for Life
44. Joel Fuhrman
45. Macrobiotic
46. Montignac
47. Paleolithic
48. Sonoma
49. Subway
50. Hackers

Which means only two more to find...