Sunday, 4 September 2011

Slimming World: Not for me!

Despite two encouraging texts and a phone call from the lovely (and not-at-all-Marjory-Dawes-like) Dyanne, I didn't make it to the second meeting for my weigh in. Something to do with a mad dash to leave the house/forgetting my membership card combined with a massive breakfast at The Wolesley the same morning. Which was a shame, as I'd made a massive effort - even wearing a green dress, to demonstrate my committment and remind me what day I was on.

I still don't really understand how it works, and every time I tried to explain to someone that I didn't really understand this diet, they just shouted "Red Days Green Days" at me... So now I'm confused and terrified - and still not thin!

Ignoring the red and green/extra easy/syns confusions, the main tenet of this diet is basically common sense. Eat as much fruit and vegetables, and meat and fish, pasta and potatoes as you like, limiting bread, sweets, cheese, cereal, milk and alcohol. Realistically, if you had a serious amount of weight to lose, this would be great, as it's all healthy, and let's you eat until you're full without feeling too restrictive, whilst restricting the things that we sneak into our diets pretending that they don't make a difference... a chocolate here, a glass of wine there, takeaway once a week... Although that might only be a quarter or half a pound weight gain every month, not enough to show on the scales, even, cumulatively, that's an extra dress size every year!!

Despite the fact that under normal circumstances, I love being right, in this instance I'm just plain cross with myself. I started on the premise that the last half a stone was the hardest to lose, and guess what? I still can't shift the weight. My size 10 jeans are still a little too tight and muffin top-py for my liking, and my little dresses feel a bit too little for my liking (although that's as much to do with my age as my waistline).

I've still got a pile of diet books to work through: The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet (lose up to 20 pounds in 14 days), The Biogenic Diet (the natural way to permanent fat loss), The Hamptons Diet (lose weight quickly and safely with the Doctor's delicious meal plans), The Omega Diet (the revolutionary 12-unit plan for health and easy weight loss) and The Good Sex Diet (how to use food to transform your sex life). That last one makes me suspect that the husband has been at my ebay account again.

I think I'll start with Scarsdale. After all, if I can lose 20lbs in 14 days (or 10 in 7), I can stop blogging and go an do something more interesting instead.

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  1. This is a really funny post. Made me laugh out loud. Please please don't share details of the Good Sex Diet though. TMI