Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Men are from Mars, and this book is from Crazy-town

This is the first time that I've ever read a diet book and thought that I just can't be bothered. According to John Gray, not only will I lose weight, I will experience a renewed and lasting romantic glow.

Men and women gain and lose weight due to their different brain chemistry. Men rely on dopamine - and if he doesn't produce enough he has to "turn up the volume" to get a quick fix - drive faster, watch porn, make more and more money... John Gray goes on to explain "When his dopamine levels are low, emptying the trash just doesn't do it, but making a lot of money does. With this insight, a woman can begin to understand why a man will remember to make a business call but will forget to empty the trash". Really? Will she?? When she's taking out the rubbish, that's what she'll be thinking.

There are 12 symptoms of low dopamine, as follows:

1. Low energy at home: work challenges stimulate his dopamine, the comfortable routine at home does not.
2. Declining interest and passion: apparently eye contact is an indication of dopamine levels - wandering eyes are a symptom of insufficient dopamine
3. Inattentiveness and impatience: A man listens to his wife talk about her day and his energy level drops. He loses his ability to focus like a deflating balloon as she talks beyond two or three minutes.
4. Impulsiveness:
5. Forgetfulness: apparently after a romantic encounter a man says he will call but does not. This is because his dopamine levels drop
6. Solution oriented: Men won't listen to your problems, they'll just be annoyed that you don't have a solution
7. Emotional unavailability: At the end of a work day, a man goes to his cave and then is too tired to come out. The man, apparently, can stay in the cave as long as he likes. Number 7 does not address the issues faced by the working mother who would like nothing less than to go to her cave after work, but can't, as there are children to be bathed and fed and put to bed.
8. Tunnel vision: men focus on the big problems and overlook the little stuff. Like why is my wife so p*ssed off with me (refer to points 1-7 above).
9. Boredom and addictions: With low dopamine, a man is easily bored. He will turn to drugs, smoking and video games to overcome this boredom
10. Needing space and distance
11. Inconsistency
12. Loss of attraction: A husband loves his wife, but after a few years of marriage, he isn't turned on by her the way he was in the beginning, he will desire to have affairs.

Women, on the other hand, can suffer from low Serotonin. Symptoms include
1. Temporary amnesia
2. Sudden mood changes
3. Increased neediness
4. Looking for love in all the wrong places
5. Resentment flu
6. Unrealistic expectations
7. Sabotaging relationships
8. Home improvement committee
9. Women who give too much
10. Feeling overwhelmed
11. Depression
12. Overeating

Seriously. I've never read such bullshit. I can't even be bothered to read the rest of the book. The end.

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