Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bored Bored Bored (and on to diet #9...)

Diet #8 was the grapefruit diet (quick recap: 800 calories a day and half a grapefruit before each meal). The 800 calories part seemed like a bit too much work, so I figured if grapefruits are really that wondrous, surely they should work even if I eat normally. Apparently not so much! Although I have enjoyed overdosing on citrus fruit this week (averaging 2 per day), I might even have avoided a winter bug or two thanks to the vitamin c boost, but I've only lost a pound, which I think is more luck than design!

On to diet #9. Sitting watching television tonight, I saw an ad for the Special K diet. This is only my list somewhere, so I thought I'd give it a go. It's easy to get started. You put some basic information into the website myspecialk and it designs a tailor-made diet plan for you. Note to the folks at Kelloggs  - there are a few fairly obvious flaws with this. Firstly, Sunday's menu doesn't include any cereal - not the best marketing campaign ever. Secondly, the diet is massively detailed. I'd have to spend my whole months salary at Ocado to be able to buy the ingredients needed for the week's menu. Here's a sample:

  • Saturday:
    • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and tomatoes (gross), pineapple juice (yuck).
    • Lunch: Rice cakes and crispbread, assorted toppings. Pear.
    • Dinner: Tomato spagetti with crab (bleurgh) and mixed salad.
  • Sunday
    • Cereal, fresh strawberries, orange juice.
    • Pork roast, meringue nest with mixed berries.
    • [starter] French onion soup, [dessert] bananas and dates. errr, main course??
  • Monday
    • Low fat breakfast cereal with banana and orange juice.
    • Boiled egg and watercress sandwich, yoghurt (eurgh).
    • Spagetti bolognese, side salad, watermelon.
  • Tuesday
    • Porridge and raisins, orange juice.
    • Chicken, houmous and beansprout pitta.
    •  Fishfingers, peas, sweetcorn, mixed salad (which is coincidentally my daughters favourite dinner - she'd like this diet, then).

There's another 10 days of this two-week plan, but honestly, I'm bored too bored to even see what's on the menu for Wednesday, let alone the rest of the fortnight. I wonder whether a single person has ever stuck to this diet?

Instead, I'm going to do the original Kelloggs diet - a bowl of cereal for breakfast, one for lunch, and a healthy dinner. Tomorrow's my wedding anniversary, so I'll start on Monday and do it for six days. Start weight, 10 stone exactly.

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