Sunday, 16 January 2011

Diet #8, the Grapefruit Diet

I can't believe I haven't blogged (or dieted) since the 19th December. The blood type diet was useless - in the last few weeks, I've learned that I need structured diets. Clear do's and don't's, and the easier the better.

Please forgive my absence, but I've had a busy few weeks. I've had a weeks holiday in Eilat (not that I'm complaining, but a week of unlimited buffet has not been kind to my waistline), had a new au pair start (French, teeny-tiny but with a huge appetite), settled both kids into new nurseries and gone back to work (where they seem to have saved all the sweets/cakes/chocolate from the year for my return).

Amazingly, I didn't actually gain as much weight as I thought I would have - 10st 1lb this morning (that's how much I weigh, not what I've gained). Looking back, this is what I weighed after I regained the weight I lost on Atkins!

Working through the list alphabetically, I've skipped a few. Dietchef promised me a week's food, but haven't delivered quite yet. The cabbage soup diet looks hideous (cabbage soup daily, plus on day one unlimited fruit, no bananas; day two, unlimited veg, one baked potato; day three unlimited fruit and veg, no potato; day four, eight bananas, skimmed milk; day five unlimited soup, beef and tomatoes; day six, beef and vegetables; day seven unlimited rice, fruit and vegetables). Dukan is new and followers rave about it, and the F-plan diet looks interesting (but too complicated for this week), so I think I'll come back to them later.

Instead, this week, I'll be following the Grapefruit Diet. A simple concept, 800 calories a day, and half a grapefruit before each meal. Apparently grapefruits contain fat-burning enzymes, although I suspect it's the severe calorie restriction that has the most impact. Grapefruits are ordered from Ocado, so watch this space

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