Monday, 28 February 2011

Diet #14, Diet Chef- not going exactly according to plan

I don't mind the granola for breakfast, in fact, it's quite delicious, and refreshing to see what an 'actual' portion should look like. What it actually looks like is about four little spoonfuls - this morning, I ate it from a tiny bowl with a teaspoon so it looks like more! Or just made me look like a giant, which is not exactly what you need from a diet. Lunch isn't so bad, thick soups which are quick and easy in the microwave and quite filling.

Here's where it goes wrong: I hate the suppers. Tasteless lumpy aeroplane-style food, served in microwaveable sachets. There's a school of thought (not mine, obviously) that says fat=lazy. For those lazy people, this would work.

In addition, it doesn't even make any sense. Their chickpea tagine that I (didn't) eat tonight has 237 calories, and wasn't even as half as nice as Lisa's from last week. The veggie burgers that I've made for Simon are only 180 calories and taste nicer. This is completely anti-social - I'm eating differently from the rest of my family, and cooking two meals at a time, so the rest of the family don't starve. On top of that, it doesn't teach you anything about food or healthy eating - how much protein/carbs/calories or fat you should eat - so it would be difficult to carry on once you go back to normal life.

I'm going to carry on with the breakfasts and soups, but I might swap out the dinners. I hope you'll forgive me.

Tonight's Chickpea Tagine that I couldn't quite bring myself to eat

From Lisa Jackson's recipe, last week. Tasted a million times better, and all fresh ingredients:

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