Saturday, 6 November 2010

Diet #1: Six meals a day

Luckily, I'm starting with a relatively straightforward one. All I have to do is eat six meals a day. You choose the appropriate number of calories (1500), and then divide by six, so that you know how much to eat at each meal. The theory behind it is easy - with six meals a day, there's no time to snack. Apparently you can lose around 2 lbs a week.

The only thing about this which is complicated so far is coming up with six varied and interesting meals every day. A quick google search comes up with loads of ideas for meals - spicy roast potatoes, colcannon, muesli, rice pudding, soups, pastas and smoothies - but really, who has the time to cook three meals a day, let alone six? So, I've added some extras to the weekly shopping list (fish and cold meats), plus I'm going to make a massive bowl of coleslaw and a big tray of roast veg (which should hopefully last the week), and a variety of 'healthy' snacks (corn thins, extra light cream cheese and so on). But nothing dramatically different or expensive, which is good.

According my detailed research (ok, very quick google search) Charlize Theron follows this plan. So, keep following, because by next week I'll look like this...

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  1. On which day next / this week will you look like that?