Sunday, 14 November 2010

Diet #2, the 100-mile diet

So, I wasn't going to blog every day (really, who has time?), but today's been such a good day that I wanted to add a quick update, before I forget. We went to Walthamstow Farmers Market this morning - it's only small, maybe 20 stalls at the most, and the weather was a bit grim, but still it was really quite busy. We managed to get fruit and vegetables from farms in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire, cod from Dungeness, butter, buffalo mozarella and cheddar from Shepton Mallet in Somerset, eggs from Northamptonshire and marmalade from Eltham (London SE9), a pie from Buckinghamshire and bread from Staples Corner. There was also loads of meat, including lamb, pork, chicken, beef and game (someone was selling three pheasants for £10, which sounds like a bargain to me)!

We had fun chatting to the stallholders, and it was really nice for Sadie to see where her food actually comes from, rather than the homogeneous supermarket shelves, and it also made me think more about what we could eat - choosing things because they were fresh and available, not just out of habit. Everything piled into one bag, stall by stall, and wrapped in clear plastic or paper rather than the boring supermarket packaging.

For supper tonight, we had the Kent cod, cooked with the Somerset butter and Lincs onions, and a sauce made from the Somerset Cheddar, Lincs onions, with some mashed potatoes from Lincolnshire (via Tesco, but at least I'm trying!!). Yum!!

The Dungeness fish

Three pheasants for a tenner

Sadie on a tractor

Our week's food

Tonights supper

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