Thursday, 16 December 2010

Cyndy Crawford: A New Dimension & Shape Your Body

A New Dimension is designed for new mums, and as I've had a baby this year, this should be right up my street. Cyndy says that having a baby changes you. I think that she means in a more spiritual sense, but all I am is fatter and poorer.

Cyndy says that you can use this tape however you want, but "here's what she did"... The first week after the birth, she didn't exercise at all - "she wasn't thinking about working out" apparently (she was probably still wondering how that possibly came out of that, and when all the swelling was going to go down). Starting one week after her son was born, she was ready to start. I think that this might be why she's a supermodel, and I'm still writing a diet blog.

All through the video, there are split screen images of her working out, and her rolling around on the floor with her baby. This would all be well and good if it wasn't juxtaposed with my reality: my baby was also rolling around on the floor under my feet, screaming to be fed and have her nose wiped.

Moving on to the next Cyndy, Shape Your Body. This was the first fitness (and only) fitness video I have ever owned, and so downloading this one hardly feels like theft! This is a much younger Cyndy, who before the birth of her children was prepared to work much harder to look good. It's a good workout, and my thighs are KILLING me, but I suspect that they'll be more toned before the week is out.

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