Sunday, 12 December 2010

Diet #6, 'The Power of Three'

Annoyingly, I appear to have regained three of the five lost pounds from last weeks' Atkins - but I'm still two pounds lighter than before my carb-fast - and half a stone lighter than when I started five weeks ago - so new start weight for this week, 10st 1lb.

This week is all about the exercise, and so I'm going to see if I can get thin without leaving my front room. Before I start, I should say that exercise and me are not good friends. We've flirted on occasion, but I've never been fully committed. Over the years, I have been with at least seven gyms. I'm reminded of Joan Rivers, who said "I don't exercise. If G-d had wanted me to bend over, he'd have put diamonds on the floor".

This morning, after a few glasses of wine last night, and a little lie-in, I started with Davina's Power of Three workout. On the whole, I don't like celebrity fitness video's. They mostly look like they're made on a limited budget, and the sleb is usually just a spokesmodel for the non-celebrity personal trainer. I once did Geri-yoga, and couldn't move my neck for a month, which put me off forever.

This DVD starts off ominously with a series of warnings - do not exercise if you're feeling unwell, have recently eaten a heavy meal, been drinking, are injured, on painkillers, pregant... That's it - I'm put off. Put down the remote control and go back to the pies. Actually, I think they've missed a few. Do not do this if you have a low tolerance for chirpy celebrities, if your neighbours can see in, if you're not wearing an exercise bra.

This starts off with some 'useful' hints from Davina - remember to breath (damn, keep forgetting), drink lots (wine?), go at your own pace, "enjoy it, I had a great time making it". Really? I'm sure you got paid a fortune. Of course you did! And why does Davina keep shouting "choon" to the 90's techno soundtrack??

At times, this feels more like Debra Stephenson 'doing' Davina than Davina herself, but to be fair, she looks great, and annoying as she is, she's really doing this. The workout itself feels relatively tough (if you haven't exercised for six months - not sure how hard you'd find it if you were already fit), and I was really feeling it. My three year old provided some amusing moments trying to show me her 'dances' to copy, she obviously thought they were better than the ones I was watching.

I'm looking forward to not fad dieting this week, although it's going to be a struggle to find time to exercise every day... Not sure I'm going to lose weight, but if I feel better, I don't think I'll mind.

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