Thursday, 9 December 2010

A new diet trend?

I managed nearly four days of Atkins, and this morning's weight: 9st12lb. I lost 5lbs in four days!!!

Atkins describes what they call "the metabolic advantage" - the more protein you eat, the less hungry you become, so you eat less and lose more. Sounds like bullshit, right? Terrifyingly, I think it's true. After scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast yesterday, I realised at 2pm that I still hadn't eaten, and wasn't even hungry.

Against all my best intentions, I was beginning to like Atkins - I have this weird thing about "beige" food - and Atkins is all about colours. Red meat, yellow eggs, green veg... I'm not sure how much of this weighloss is about lack of carbs, per se, or just the fact that I had four days of no crisps, no chocolate, no bread, no pasta - but whatever it is, it works, and I can see why people who do it rave about it.

By a strange coincidence, Poppy was nine months yesterday - and this morning I'm pretty much back to my pre-pregancy weight - so I guess it's true what they say about nine months on nine months off. On the theme of coincidences, I've found someone online doing the same thing as me (what are the chances, right?). You can check out his blog at, we even started at pretty much the same time. He's very detailed, very funny, and I wish him the best of luck

On a separate note, I seem to have started a trend. One of the lovely mummies from baby group wants to do the Dukan diet together, and another friend wants to do another week with me. I've managed to re-gift the rest of the to a third friend.

It is with a huge sigh of relief that I'll be taking Atkins back to the library. I feel like slipping little notes into the pages with things like 'don't do it' and 'are you mad??' for the benefit of the next borrower. The next diet on the list is the Best Bet diet - but as this is for the treatment of MS, thankfully, I'll be giving this one a miss. I quite fancy the Blood Type Diet, where you eat depending on your blood type, but I'm going to skip over a few, and try something different - exercise! On the list I've called it 'Davina, Power of Three', but I've begged, borrowed and stolen (well, kind of, if you consider illegal downloading to be theft), seven different dvd's, and I'll do one a day - to see if exercise can make a difference, to my weight, and also my shape. There's another reason for this too - I've got a couple of xmas parties next week, and I want to eat and drink what I like.

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  1. Aw thanks for the shout out. Loving your blog, makes me laugh a lot, keep going sugar!!!!

    Well done on the 5 pounds on atkins, I gained 3 (although did have one gigantic binge, was like the last days of Rome, but more fun).

    7 Different DVD's genius!!!