Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Day 3 of Atkins

My breath smells and I feel sick and dizzy. I'm not sure that this is what they call the "Atkins Edge". The recipes I made yesterday ranged from mediocre (courgette loaf) to terrible (rye bread) to inedible (peanut cookies - straight in the bin). And I'm still not loving cheese as a snack. C'mon Dr Atkins. This is not food!

On the plus side, I am beginning to learn that you need to stick with something for at least three days before it becomes bearable - as with slim.fast, I'm definitely getting the hang of it, and with Atkins, I'm beginning to think more about what I eat with every meal. Plus, I think that I've created a new diet - which I'm calling "diet-combining" - I'm using the last of the 100-mile diet butter and onions to cook with, and the small cheeses from the six-meals-a-day diet as a snack.

One of the things that I'm finding most difficult is breakfast -toast and cereal are quick and easy, making eggs every day isn't. In the chapter "what's for breakfast", in New Atkins, New You, they suggest some other 'tasty' ideas to try. This must be some other definition of the word tasty I haven't previously come across. Ideas include On the Run roll-ups: wrapping slices of cheese and ham around cucumber and a dab of mustard and mayo; Chocolate coconut shake (almond milk, whey protein, cocoa powder, sucralose, ice cubes); Stuffed peppers "stuff with pork sausage and microwave"; Corned beef hash (using turnips rather than potato); and hash browns made with cauliflower and turnip rather than the 'evil' potato. It's at this point that it really hits home with what's wrong with this diet. Surely a bowl of wholewheat cereal, or a couple of slices of good quality bread is much better than all of this crap??

The diet book says that by day two or three your body goes into ketosis, where you switch from burning glycogen to fat. I am reliably informed by the recipe book that "ketosis is the happiest condition that a dieter can be in". My body does not feel very happy. But I'm going to stick with it for another couple of days at least, to see what happens.

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  1. Hey Katie, hope you don't mind but I gave your blog a wee shout out on mine. Just said for folk to check it out 'cause it's interesting and funny.

    Anywho enjoy the Atkins edge (that made me laugh out of loud) it's so much misery.

    Keep up the good fight sister!