Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Bridget Jones' Diet

Finished off the Minstrels for breakfast. Please don't judge me, it's been a stressful morning at work! In her ideal world, Bridget would be living in the suburbs, driving little Tarquin and Cosmo to school in the Range Rover (only two minutes away, but the poor darlings have terrible hayfever, don't you know), and daydreaming about the dishy gardener.

Seriously, my mini yo-yo dieting is not proving successful, and I haven't actually shifted any weight this whole year, which is a bit embarrassing when you think about it.

So, change of tack, next week, I'm going to try Jenny Craig. Apparently, in order for this to really work, I have to do it a month at least, but I'm not sure my attention span is that long - but I'm going to give it a fortnight to prove that it's doable. Maybe the consistency is what I need to shift this last pesky half stone!

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