Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Diet #17, Bridget Jones Diet: Going according to plan, at least!

Yesterday morning: Spent £15 on yummy healthy food in M&S - plums, bananas, grapes, orange juice and muesli. Ate a delish healthy salad from Pure for lunch. Spoiled it all by dinnertime, which mostly consisted of Beer and a bag of popcorn. However, I did spend the night volunteering for a cancer charity, so what I lost in weightwatchers points, I made up for in brownie points.

Lesson of the day: Good intentions are soluble in beer!

Today's diet has already gone to pot, turns out our lovely Promotions Director Amy is a 'feeder' - I blame the Minstrels and M&Ms she brought back from her ski trip.

Oh well, tomorrow's another day...

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