Wednesday, 9 March 2011

GI Diet #FAIL!!

I had a slight inkling that this wasn't working when I carefully chose low GI food last night - as toppings for my pizza!

This one definitely isn't doing it for me - firstly the GI of food is impossible to measure so you have to carry the book around with you, and secondly because only non-processed food has a low GI, so actually, it's the same as with so many of the diets I've tried - you lose weight because there's no sweets, no chocolate, no crisps, no processed food, not the GI index specifically...

It's Poppy's first birthday this week, so I'm going to enjoy the birthday cake(s), and start another diet on Monday.

N.B. Am sticking with the muesli (because it's bearable, and because I bought a massive bag of it), and taking on board the lessons about blood sugar levels, so not a total failure!

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