Tuesday, 8 March 2011

How to calculate the Glycaemic Index of food?

This is basically impossible. The indices are measured experimentally, based on giving 10 subjects 50g of food and measuring their blood responses 2 hours later. So, unless a) I get a science degree to go alongside my non-existant maths degree, and b)I feed the girls on my team my M&S aubergine and lentil salad and then test them, it's unlikely I'll be able to work this out. Mostly because I don't like sharing food, and they think I get quite enough from them already, without actually giving me their blood.

M&S have done very well out of me today. So far, I have bought their 22% fruit muesli for breakfast, aubergine & lentil and tomato & mozzarella salad's for lunch, almonds, bananas, grapes and plums for snacks - and then ruined it all with two-for-one on jaffa cakes... But seeing as it's impossible to measure the GI of foods (plus, they virtually count as fruit anyway), we'll just assume it's all good!

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