Thursday, 24 March 2011

Yesterday started so well: fruit for breakfast, chinese stir-fry vegetables with noodles for lunch, and a tuna nicoise salad  for supper. Followed by two large glasses of sauvignon blanc, and an emergency dash to the 24-hour tesco to buy two bags of strangely named but surprisingly delicious "wild and whippy" bars. Followed by a misjudged TOWIE marathon last night and a guilt-ridden hangover this morning: slightly helped by a pain au chocolate and large (and very expensive) coffee in pret for breakfast.

Weight remains a stubborn 10st4lbs, alcohol units a very respectable 7 (ok on day 4, but still...), but at least my cigarette count for the week is at zero!

If Jenny Craig can help me shift those last few pounds, she'll be my new G-d!

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